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What is your best way to face your challenges? Taking deep breath is a sure way to calm your mind.

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01. Pillows

Why use a cervical pillow? First, the pillow is to be used to support your neck not the head. Also, sleeping with a cervical pillow gives you neck muscles a rest. If not tension in the muscles builds up and you end up waking up with a stiff neck as well as and possibly headaches.

Note: All clients are observed in order to have the most appropriate pillow.


02. Digestion

Are you having upset stomach or others GI symptoms, such as burning or passing gaz. We recommend that you take a look at food combining as well as the size of your helpings. If you are over 40, remember that your gastric acidity changes.


03. Flexibility

As they wake up, indoor animal such as cats and dogs take the time to stretch. Do you?
Most people just wake up, get up and go. While still lying in bed, bend your knees and do the pelvic tilt. Next roll over and sit up on the side of the bed. Do the neck exercises and then get up and gently turn your upper body from side to side. Next, lean to each side and finally stretch forward as if to touch the floor with your fingers. Make it your daily morning routine just like brushing your teeth.


04. Luminosity

As we settle into fall, we generally get much less sun exposition and an overall luminosity. Spending less time outdoor and getting less skin exposure to the sun which affects our overall health. It is wise to supplement at this time with Vitamine D, as well as a good source of Vitamine C. Ask your health practitioner for the recommended dosage for you.